Have you got your firewood ordered in preparation for the change in season?

Hard wood perfect for your open fires and Soft wood ideal for log burning stoves is available from South Bucks Tree Surgeons Ltd.

All of our hard and soft wood is cut by our team of professional tree surgeons and has been drying in dedicated barns all year to ensure optimum quality.

Good quality fire wood can make a bigger difference than you may think to your enjoyment from a fire. Poor quality wood can spit causing increased risk of fire damage whilst wet wood can be impossible to light.

Our wood is carefully managed to ensure that lighting your fires is a pleasure and that burn time lasts as long as possible.

Log burning stoves are becoming ever more popular and soft wood can be an ideal choice. Our sales team are extremely happy to discuss sizing.

Do you have a large open fire? Our team are able to cut longer lengths at your request. This can make a wonderful statement ‘feature’ in your home.

Even better – deliveries to the local area are free of charge.

Please call for pricing details.


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