South Bucks Tree Surgeons Ltd is passionate about supplying good quality firewood and kindling. Our firewood is machine cut, sorted by hand before storing in our barns and dispatching to our customers. We provide a complete service which includes not only firewood but also the supplies you need to get your fire started with no hassle or fuss.

We produce excellent kindling and supply what we consider to be some of the best firelighters in the market. You can order everything you need from South Bucks Tree Surgeons to get your fire started and your home warm. We offer a range of firewood to suit all requirements:

Firewood Pricing:

Our firewood pricing as an example is as follows: (prices below include VAT)

Volume A Grade (hardwood) B Grade (softwood)
1 Cubic Meter £110.00 £95.00
2 Cubic Meter £200.00 £180.00


We deliver to the local area and to further locations quantities depending, locations include:

Towersey, Thame, Chinnor, Bledlow, Haddenham, Cuddington, Ford, Dinton, Kimble, Longwick, Long Crendon, Princes Risborough, Shabbington, Tiddington, Brill, Oakley.

South Bucks Tree Surgeons Limited is a firewood wholesaler and able to deliver large quantities on request.

Anything else is a compromise, we believe our quality fire wood that is barn dried is essential for a bright burning fire that provides long lasting heat. Once you have sampled our firewood you will really see how it stands out from the crowd!

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A Grade logs

A grade logs are ideal for open fireplaces in the home environment. Our A grade firewood consists of only the best burning hardwood logs including: Ash, Beech, Oak, Hawthorn, Hornbeam, Cherry to name a few.

A Grade firewood is cut approximately 8 inches in length to ensure it will fit any fireplace. All A grade wood produces good heat with less spitting and popping experienced from other low grade woods.

Our A grade firewood is stored under cover and is sold as fully seasoned logs and ready to burn (while stocks last)

B Grade Logs

B Grade firewood produces ideal logs for wood burning stoves or any outdoor heating application such as a chiminea or fire pit.

B Grade firewood is cheaper than A Grade and is not suitable to burn on an open fire because of the likelihood of it spitting.

As with our A grade firewood this is sold fully seasoned and ready to burn.

Mixed Loads

We are also able to supply a mix of Grade A & B logs for households that have a combination of wood burning stoves and open fireplaces or would just like to sample both types available.

Load Sizes

Our firewood is sold loose by the cubic meter load (in terms of quantity imagine a very full builders bag!) Our team deliver with a landrover and trailer.

Larger fireplaces

Our standard firewood is cut by hand into approximately 8 inch lengths, however, should you require your fireplace to have larger log lengths or statement log pieces we can cut to sizes of your preference. Please enquire for further information and pricing.


We sell waxling firelighters because from our experience these help to get fires lit quickly, safely and efficiently. They are also more environmentally friendly, safe for households with pets or young children and don’t leave a strong smell of fuel on your hands as some traditional firelighters do.

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